Who We Are ?

About Us

5 Sports is founded by two dynamic individuals with the passion they have for the importance of sports in their lives. We look to empower today’s youth and adults with sporting skills, to create an impact on day to day lives through over all fitness, to produce champions on and off court and lastly, to increase accessibility to sports.
We achieve the above through our squash & fitness programs across India, by partnering with residential complexes, clubs, sports centers, schools and other facilities that have sports grounds or amenities. We organize national and International tournaments in the country, bringing in the best players from India and around the world to participate. 5 Sports also partners with these top players to provide coaching and mentoring to kids and adults. Lastly, we also work with local government organizations to identify plots of land where can invest in sports infrastructure. Our programs promote enthusiasm, joy and a positive attitude that will enable and inspire every individual to unlock their true potential.

Squash & Fitness Academy

We create squash & fitness programs wherein coaching will be conducted for toddlers, beginners, intermediate and advance level players


5 Sports manages and conducts tournaments at national and international levels with SRFI, SRAM, ISP, PSA and ASF

Mentorship/ Training Programs

We partner with coaches and top ranked players from across the country and the world to arrange high intensity training camps for kids and adults
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